Impact Makeover

IMPACT MAKEOVER- It's time to bring Hollywood Home!


Learn How-To Design a look that EMPOWERS and EMBODIES your IMAGE through the ART of MAKEUP.

In a few days you will learn how create an image uniquely you from Skincare to Mastering your makeup like a PRO! And the best part is that no matter where you live our STUDIO CARA EXPERTS are at your fingertips through our VIRTUAL HANDS - ON LIVE INSTRUCTION or AN IN STUDIO VISIT.

Have you ever felt frustrated because:

  • You go to the department stores and spend a small fortune on beauty products and get home to find out you don’t know how to use them?
  • You have been doing your makeup the same way for 10 or 15 years and you feel stuck in a rut?
  • You're tired of watching You Tube Tutorials, with girls half your age showing you how to look like you getting ready to go clubbing?
  • You feel invisible or outdated, not attracting the type of clients and business you really deserve?
  • You're a makeup junkie and you have lots of products and money invested, but you still don't really know what to do and haven’t designed a style that truly maximizes your features?
  • Are you struggling with having to be ON CAMERA or webinars and you just don't look your best? 

In today’s world now more than ever, is the time to be aware of the IMPACT YOUR IMAGE has on YOUR business success in the Digital Era.

Have you ever been at a meeting, event or party and "THE IT GIRL" walks in? People are automatically drawn to her, she is engaging and everyone wants to meet her. She looks fashionable, polished, confident and approachable.

Have you ever entered a room, a networking event and felt invisible, outdated, disconnected from the crowd, not making the impact you would love to make?

You are brilliant at what you do, with a thriving career or perhaps you're reinventing yourself into a new career, or getting back into the workforce.


Well you are not alone, so many women are busy doing what they do best, building a business, taking care of the family and not having enough time for yourself is a given... and having an IMAGE THAT IMPACTS can be a daily afterthought.

Perhaps makeup is not your strong suit, but with the proper coaching, technique and products YOU can learn to "ROCK YOUR FACE LIKE A PRO"

The SILENT COMMUNICATOR is your look, it is how you convey your SUCCESS, your STYLE, your TRUSTWORTHINESS, your MESSAGE.

You only have 60 seconds to make a FIRST IMPRESSION.

If You Want To Design a Look that Feels and Looks Uniquely Like You, That Captures Your Essence, Your Style and Your Power then Keep Reading...

How can I create an IMAGE that makes an IMPACT? Can I learn how to create a Professional, Polished Look that is uniquely me without having to spend a fortune?

Is it possible to look like I have a Glam Squad or Beauty Team at my fingertips?


When you create an Unforgettable Look aligned with your true personality you will never go unnoticed.

In Today’s Visual World, you will only have seconds to capture your clients.

Introducing Leslie Christin


I am Leslie Christin,

a makeup artist with 30 years of experience working in the Film and Television Industry.

I decided to make a change after 12 years in the film business and started by own cosmetics company and Beauty Studio in Orlando Florida.

I began to work with many clients just like you, wanting to learn how to professionally apply their makeup. I designed their new looks according to their style, personality and facial features.

Some of my clients are professionals, coaches, teachers, realtors, news anchors, actors, attorneys, politicians, even stay at home moms…

They all had one thing in common, they wanted to discover the skills that I used in Film and TV to make them feel like a PRO makeup artist at home everyday.
It has been 20 years since I began my business and I have transformed thousands of faces. And the most amazing part of it is, that my clients still return to me for makeup updates, products and are extremely loyal.

I have been featured in many magazines and my work can be seen on Magazine covers, Television shows and Feature Films.

My biggest pleasure is to see my recreated looks on my clients! Making someone feel confident, successful and radiant, makes an “IMPACT” not only on them but on everyone they come in contact with.

Now I know, I cannot personally work with everyone… I realized working one on one with my clients would not allow me to reach professional women in a way that I truly want to.
Some of you have been able to personally visit my studio, and many of you may still be able to have a hands-on experience at my Studio in the future.

Now there is no reason to wait, I am bringing


Our lives are so busy and The MAKEUP IMPACT SESSION gives you my expertise and education so you can learn from the comfort of your home and all you need is your computer, your current products and your beautiful face.

So let's get started and LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY...       

I decided to put together the top 3 makeup lessons (plus so much more) I teach into a Program for Today's Professional Women    

Having worked in Film and Television I know how Hollywood creates celebrities, it is all a formula and an expensive one at that.

We may not all want to look like a celebrity, but we are all a celebrity in our own right, whether it is in your business, networking group, speaking, online…

I see so many women that are extremely brilliant and passionate at what they do, yet their look is not a match to their success. Often they have a beautiful professional headshot but when you see videos or other candid shots on their website or social media they look like a completely different person (usually not for the better). This becomes a Complete Brand Disconnect!

With THE MAKEUP IMPACT COURSE and a little bit of effort, professional guidance and some practice you will be amazed by your own TRANSFORMATION.

Making an “IMPACT” is knowing how to use what you you’ve got and making the best of it. If you want to attract HIGH END clients, you need to look HIGH END.


"I signed up on the spot the moment I saw the e-mail announcing the first Makeup School for You sessions in September, 2015.

I loved that there were 3 sessions because I knew it would provide me with time to practice between the sessions and come back with questions.

I’m very confident about my daily makeup now, and know exactly what to add for special events, as well as for the occasional times that I’m on camera. - Mary Ross

Whether you are a News Anchor, Entrepreneur, School Board Council, Executive or a Coach this course is for you!

"Makeup School For You" was great. It is perfect for anyone who's on camera, daily or for special events. I learned a lot about new techniques to make applying my makeup faster and better.- Vanessa Echols (News Anchor WFTV 9)



"Here is what you are going to learn in the "IMPACT MAKEOVER COURSE "    

Session 1: DISCOVERY & INVENTORY (60-70 mins)


  • We are going to dive in to discovering your true style, your essence, the look that truly aligns with your career and personality.
  • You will receive a questionnaire to REALLY design a style you truly love and empowers you daily.
  • We are going to analyze your current makeup application, technique, time and habits and together we will rediscover a look that feel true and personalized to you.
  • You will receive a Personalized Skincare Discovery Consultation. An analysis of your skin type, concerns and proper care.
  • We will also inventory all your products, brushes and tools and determine the right and wrong products for you.

P.S. Please don't spend money purchasing anything before your first session! (However, FYI some of you may need to invest in some items to fullfill your makeup essentials later on to complete your look)

BONUS #1: CREATING A DAILY SKINCARE RITUAL... that empowers your skin, your mind and your soul.

You will discover:

  • Your skin type, concerns and how to care for it with proper products and understanding key beneficial ingredients.
  • How to enjoy a simple skin care ritual that will invigorate your morning and prepare your face and mind.
  • How to prepare your skin for morning makeup and relaxing p.m. ritual to remove your makeup and nourish at night.
  • The pros and cons of serums, moisturizers, sunscreens for your skin type.
  • What to do and not do to maintain healthy and vibrant skin.
  • Receive a Skincare Step by Step Ritual Card.    

Session 2: MAKEUP LESSON: MASTERING YOUR LOOK LIKE A PRO! - One-On-One LESSON. (90-120 minutes)


Your own personal appointment - private session time

  • You will receive a LIVE One on One PRIVATE Makeup Lesson with YOUR VERY OWN STUDIO CARA MAKEUP ARTIST.
  • You will receive a Video Recording of your Session
  • A Step by Step Face Chart of your look
  • In this 90 minute SESSION you will discover:
  • Matching your skintone and finding the correct foundation and finish.
  • Understanding your facial features, what to enhance and correct.
  • How to Contour your features to maximize your bone structure.
  • Concealing and highlighting techniques
  • The proper powdering techniques for High Definition.     
  • How to analyze your eyeshape.
  • Understanding the best eyeshadow looks for your eyeshape.
  • Understand enhancing and corrective techniques for your eyes.
  • Best colors for your skintone and eye color.
  • How to use makeup brushes and the proper techniques to achieve your look.
  • Eyeliner techniques and eyeshape corrective tips.
  • Sculpting eyebrows and proper shaping    
  • How to use makeup brushes to sculpt your cheekbones.
  • The best complimentary colors for cheeks and lips for on camera
  • How to correct and enhance lip shapes.        


MAKEUP LESSON 2 - Professional to Evening Events (30 mins)
Now that you have learned how to apply your makeup like a pro we will teach you how to get ready for social networking events, after hour meetings and add a touch of glam application.

This package includes:

  • Follow up refresher Q&A of Lesson 1
  • Makeup application assessment
  • Transforming Techniques for your Everyday to a Glam Look
  • Step by Step Hands - on Evening or Event Makeup Lesson